Children's Quizzing is a six-year Bible study program with a competition element, designed for school-age children. It is designed for children 6 to 12 years old or in school grades 1-6. Each year of the six year cycle has been chosen intentionally to help children gain an overall understanding of the chronology of the Bible. The books covered include: Genesis; Exodus; Joshua, Judges, and Ruth; I & II Samuel; Matthew; & Acts.

Children's Quizzing provides Bible study review and competition questions for two levels of ability and comprehension.

  • The RED Level is for younger children, beginning readers, and older quizzers who need or desire a simpler level of review and competition. RED Level competition questions include some from Dr. Digalot's Challenge in the Children's Quizzing curriculum plus rewritten questions and entirely new questions. Each question has three possible choices, and a competition round consists of 15 questions


  • The BLUE Level is for older children, better readers, and younger quizzers who need or desire an advanced form of review and competition. BLUE Level competition questions include some from Dr. Digalot's Challenge plus rewritten questions and entirely new questions. These questions require a higher level of thought processing. Each question has four possible choices, and a competition round consists of 20 questions.


Although the RED and BLUE Levels of review questions are developed for particular comprehension levels, they are not limited to certain grades. Children can use either level, depending on whether they desire an easier or an advanced level of review.

Attached is our schedule for the year, listing the topics we will be studying each week. We will be reading a short passage from our selected book, answering questions over the selected material, learning a memory verse, and practicing what we’ve learned by playing games. 

Each quizzer will receive a student activity book, a scripture portion, and a CD of memory verses set to music. Once they learn the songs, they usually don’t have too much trouble with the verses. As an added bonus, you will find that you also learn the verses! The songs are quite catchy, and you will find yourself humming them the next time you hear that passage read aloud.

The schedule also includes optional quizzes where students can challenge themselves by competing with others within our district. If your child chooses to participate in district competitions, there will be ribbons and trophies awarded, and Gift Cards are given at the end of each year to anyone who memorizes all 20 verses.


In children’s quizzing, all quizzers answer every question, so they are essentially competing against themselves, with a little team element thrown in to make it even more fun. This is a great way to meet kids from across our district.

If you have any questions, please feel free to talk to Mike Rochin or email him at