The Kidmo program is an interactive multimedia-based curriculum for kids in elementary

grades 1-6.  The group meets in the Kidmo room on Sunday mornings during Morning Service time.   Kidmo reaches our kids with innovative messages and engaging interactivity. It delivers dynamic lessons with fun, fast-paced humor and application-based Bible lessons.

After large group time, our kids break into small groups for

connection and reflection. In these groups we look at three simple

questions that help children apply God's Word to their everyday lives.

After discussing these questions, the kids receive a hand out called

the Map Books; they are take-home study guides that reinforce the

principles of the teaching video with practical examples of how to

live out the lesson.  These Map Books are a great way for parents to

go over what their child has learned from their time in Kidmo.  

We encourage the children to bring their completed Map Books back the next week to receive

Mo-Money.  Mo-Money is a special currency that the kids receive for completing tasks, interacting in the discussions and having a great attitude. 


Mo-Money is then spent on special quarterly Kidmo Trips and activities.  These trips and activities very from a trip to H2Oassis to skating at Skate Land.  A great time for the children to bond as a group outside the learning environment.  If you are interested in joining the group or have questions, please contact Laura Chisman at (907) 345-4553 or email at